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The social media conversation in one dashboard, more comfortable to make teamwork more efficient.

*Requires the hiring of a "Social Media" plan for activation

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¿La atención al cliente en canales digitales es fundamental para tus estrategias de negocio?

Conoce Tikket by SocialGest, una herramienta para brindar la mejor atención online en todos los canales digitales, con clasificación de conversaciones y métricas para la inteligencia del negocio.

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Manage comments and messages from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (comments) and Linkedin for the best customer social service.

  • Receive comments and messages in real time.
  • Filter, respond and close conversations; to better control your social talking.
  • The conversations are stored for later control.
  • Attach data and notes in each conversation.
  • Review previous conversations.

The social customer care is work for a team

Assign the conversation work to individual team members. With real time monitoring of every conversation members can talk to each other giving tips or supervising. Every conversation has a responsible team member. Convert the social customer care of the brand in a more friendly process.

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