Terms and conditions

1. By registering to SocialGest you accept the terms and conditions of service.

2. SocialGest LLC and its partners companies, are not responsible of the use that each person decide to give to the services of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

3. SocialGest is not responsible of the content that each persona decide to uploads to their accounts of social media using our services.

4. SocialGest operates complying in the best way to the terms and conditions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. But nevertheless of the nature of the services that those companies offer and its politics SocialGest can’t be responsible if the services of this third parties make SocialGest services fail.

5. SociaGest present the users with metrics visualization tools, this data is entirely delivered through a direct connection to each one of the social networks official APIs. In this means is not SocialGest responsible for variations that can occur in the data been shown in the sections referring to as metrics or statistics.

6. SocialGest guarantees the security and privacy of passwords, contents and any other informations that users upload or fill in SocialGest online platform. We encourage the use of secure passwords composed of alphanumeric characters and capital and lowers letters.

7. Paying for the service is only possible monthly, quarterly, six monthly and annual.

8. Once a service order is paid, no refunds are made for any reason.

9. All users of SocialGest that in any or other way pretends to make a fraudulent use of it will be warned. If the user dismiss the warning the user account will be suspended without any concessions.

10. SocialGest guarantees promptly response to errors.

11. By accepting this terms and conditions the user understand that SocialGest services can present errors.

12. This term and conditions con change without notice.

13. Prices for the service can vary without notice.

14. SocialGest reserves the right to provide the service of its platform as it considers it.

15. You use the SocialGest service at your own risk and knowledge. We are not responsible for any malfunction in third-party platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Dropbox, Bitly and other that integrate with our services.

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