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Manage all your social media channels from one place

SocialGest helps you to centralize the management of all your social media channels in one platform. You dont longer will need to login to each one of them to monitor what´s happening, how many “likes” your post get, interact with your followers and more. It´s the perfect solution for marketing agencies that need an approval system for content.

A single platform for all your strategy

Schedule or publish content for Facebook, Instagram, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business on a single platform. Save time and boost your productivity too by posting on all your social networks at once.

Automate your social media channels

Never has been easier than with SocialGest. You can schedule the posting of your contents, set up cyclic lists, loot upload content, schedule multiple times the same content and more. Our social inbox lets you set up automatic responses to comments and mention. In sweepstakes we help you pick winners on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Check our this introductory video so you can have a better idea of what SocialGest can help you achieve.

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