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Creating contests on your social media has never been easier


Learn how to generate contests on your social media

Concursos en Instagram y Facebook

Contests on Instagram and Facebook

Choose contest winners from Facebook and Instagram posts comments, set up rules or choose winners. Generate up to 5 random winners, with a certificate page and a PDF certificate.

Concursos en Redes Sociales

The same contest in several social media posts

Choose winners by combining several posts or social media platforms. Select one or several posts and let the system validate the conditions in all of them at once to choose the winners. You can also combine posts on Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

Concursos desde hashtags en Twitter

Choose contest winners using #Hashtags on Twitter

Using our hashtracking feature, you can generate random winners from all the people who made posts with a hashtag and validate if they mentioned another user or if they follow your Twitter account.

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