Ambassador program

At SocialGest, we have as a principle to make #GoodSocialMedia, and we firmly believe that preparation and experience go hand in hand. That is why our ambassadors are characterized by being experts in social media and digital marketing.

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Its purpose is to offer valuable information about social media and support the training of new digital professionals and entrepreneurs, leading SocialGest by the hand in its activities as a social media management solution.


Being a SocialGest ambassador, you will have the opportunity to:

Promote SocialGest products and services.

Access all platform functionalities.

Represent the brand from anywhere in the world.

Promote the use of SocialGest through your events, social media, forums, courses, interviews, blogs, and other channels.

Offer a free trial period of the tool to your community.

Exchange valuable information with other ambassadors.

Collaborate for our blog.

Participate in our activities: discussions, Instagram Lives, Webinars, and much more.

Forma parte de nuestro programa de embajadores

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